IRONMAN 70.3 Shanghai 2018

Back in May, at the time we were excited and celebrating the strong finish of tough IRONMAN 703 Vietnam, the announcement of 70.3 SHANGHAI just happened at the right time while we were looking at every single toys and addicted into the game! Why? We seldom have a chance to race in the cool weather environment in Asia, and it’s a flat course. It’s definitely a race to make record!

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Charles HuiRace
Training schedule in October

October is the race month for IM703 Shanghai our target A race! Some stay in Hong Kong will be on ASTC Sprint Triathlon in Sunny Bay. It’s all about final race preparations, peaking and tapering now!

we have little revision on weekend plan to change the group ride and run to Sunday while the run and swim on Sat afternoon for a better traffic condition in TC on Sunday

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Shek O Aquathon Time Trial Result

Beautiful morning in Shek O after a few days of rain! Our 2nd time trial in run-swim-run format, firstly start with 4k run from Shek O to Big Wave Bay carpark loop then jump into the water for 3 rounds of 3 platforms and a bit of sand run before proceeding the last 4k run leg.

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Charles HuiTime Trial