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Team Sonic Triathlete

Sonic Sports Association aka Team Sonic Triathlete is a Hong Kong based non-profit Triathlon Club. We offer regular group triathlon training for adults and juniors in Hong Kong whilst also organizing multi-sports time trial events and publish regular newsletter for our members.

We have a broad membership base from fitness beginners to semi-professional triathletes, local HongKong-ers to Expats from all around the world; Our aim is to develop and encourage excellence in the sport amongst all our adult and junior triathletes;

We work/study hard, and play even harder; We encourage work-life balance and see triathlon as a life-style and sociable sport;

Please feel free to try training with us and be part of our family!


How the membership work

Join our membership

Member of Sonic Sports Assoications entitle discount of membership and race entry by Hong Kong Triathlon Assoications. Member of Sonic also entitle to our training.

We offer membership to Adult, junior/full-time student at $250 per year. All membership is an annual renewal base and expired by 31 December.

Joining us is easy, just click below button and fill in the online membership form with your email address and setup the password.



On top of the membership, member can join the training with monthly training fee apply on prepayment basic, if you'd like to start training from the middle of the month you can use 'Day Pass' as session fee until end of the month.

Swim Pass and Run Pass do not cover Sunday session.

All training fees are non-refundable. You can check out our Adult Training page for detail, schedule and fees.


Membership Benefit

Sonic End of Season Awards


Sonic Awards

Since 2009 Sonic Sports Association have award the Triathletes of the Year trophies to recognise the members of Sonic who have particular success in events, made an outstanding achievement or improvement in the sports of Triathlon and made significant contribution to Sonic Sports Association along the year.


We apply the following criteria when deciding the awards:

1. Attendance to club training and activities

2. Participation and achievement in local and oversea races

3. Contribution to the club

4. Sportsmanship and Ethics


Please direct all nominations and comments to the Chairman and Club Secretary


Roll of Honours

Improvement Award: Adrian Lee, Chris Lee, Janice Lee, Lisa Pun

Triathlete of the Year: Dominic Edmondson
Improvement Award: Serena Shing


Triathlete of the Year: Eric Chan
Improvement Award: Gloria Poon, Gigi Wong, Josie Ling

Triathlete of the Year: Sacha Cheong

Triathlete of the Year: Sacha Cheong, Michael Lam, Gigi Wong

Triathlete of the Year: Andrew Patrick, Gigi Wong
TriA series: Michael Lam, Kelly Law
Best Improvement: Frederic Beaujean, Simon Jones, Evangeline Quek, Adelyn Cheong

Triathlete of the Year: Kent Wong, Michal Bucek, Eric Chan, Janice Lee, Susana Campuzano
Best Improvement: Chris Wong, T Wong

Triathlete of the Year: Jacky Mak, Susana Campuzano
TriA series: Kent Wong, Stephanie Bina