Training schedule in September



September is the month we won’t get easier we just get stronger together! Because our common goal IM703 Shanghai is approaching as our target A race!

Member of Sonic are welcome to join our training, you entitle 1 free session. Then regular training fee applies.

Mon 7:30pm-9:30pm: run at HV

Wed 8pm-10pm: swim at WC

Sat group bike and run brick confirm on WhatsApp

Sat 5pm-6pm: swim at SYS

Sun 8-10am: swim & run at SO/RB

HV is happy valley

WC is Wan Chai Swimming pool Harbour

SYS is Sun Yet Sun pool

Sunday at either Shek O or Repulse Bay


Swim 200m in any stroke

Bike with your own bike and helmet

Run 2km non-stop

$1500 all sessions+monthly training plan

$1100 monthly training plan with 2 sessions


$1100 swim run and brick M/W/Sat//Sun

$800 swim and run (Mon & Wed)

$600 swim only (Wed & Sat)

$600 run only (Mon)

Any plan above+ $500 for monthly training plan


$400 swim only (Sat)

$200 single session