Wrapping up #teamsonictriathlete 2018

Our year of 2018 was full of fun, fruitful, a lot of mileages and quality sessions, and very goal driven!

A very big THANK YOU to all teamsonictriathletes who’ve been training hard and supporting our club events, we wouldn’t be having such a successful and fruitful year without you!

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Charles HuiRace, ClubNEWS
Training Plan for im703taiwan

How to train for an IRONMAN Triathlon?
How many sessions or days should I train?
How to swim with wetsuit?
Am I training too much or too little?
Is it just training long and slow swim/bike/run?
I have business travel, how to do training with it?

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Charles HuiTraining
Training Schedule in November

We are still training for Challenge Hong Kong on 25 November to close the season. We will maintain the quality of the session while delivery some new skills to the members during November and December.

If you want to maintain the consistency and structure of your training, please feel free to join our structural training plan towards to A race.

Member of Sonic are welcome to join our training, you entitle 1 free session. Then regular training fee applies.

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Charles HuiTraining
ITU Level 1 Triathlon Coaching

 I was delighted to have ITU accepted my application to Level 1 competitive coaching course in Weihai China with the support from Hong Kong Triathlon Association. It is the goal we set for Sonic as well as my personal goal to strengthen our coaching and accreditation

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Charles HuiCoaching
IRONMAN 70.3 Shanghai 2018

Back in May, at the time we were excited and celebrating the strong finish of tough IRONMAN 703 Vietnam, the announcement of 70.3 SHANGHAI just happened at the right time while we were looking at every single toys and addicted into the game! Why? We seldom have a chance to race in the cool weather environment in Asia, and it’s a flat course. It’s definitely a race to make record!

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Charles HuiRace
Training schedule in October

October is the race month for IM703 Shanghai our target A race! Some stay in Hong Kong will be on ASTC Sprint Triathlon in Sunny Bay. It’s all about final race preparations, peaking and tapering now!

we have little revision on weekend plan to change the group ride and run to Sunday while the run and swim on Sat afternoon for a better traffic condition in TC on Sunday

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