IRONMAN Korea - when the going get tough, the tough get going

Throwback September - following the trip with Gigi Wong and Jing Banaag with Andrea Banaag to Ironman Gurye, Korea

It was fantastic to witness Gigi's first IRONMAN finish with the 6 months of training with the plan that she never thought of completing it. It was also amazing to witness how Jing overcame difference up and down moment at each lap.

Success is not really about podium or best time, it's about getting the best out of yourself.

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launching beginner course

想玩又怕跟唔到 can’t keep up?
一切由技術開始 technique first
打好基本功 build-the-base
#stepbystep pathway to the IRONMAN
#shoptillyoudrop or #bettertomorrow?
#betterme #beatyesterday 定係 #justdoit

We are launching beginner course in December! Take a look and join us! Train with David Leung!!

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