Merry Christmas and Have a happy new year!


Change of Scenery

I would say it was the change of scenery for some of the core Sonic members in 2016, our long term supporting Gigi Wong (the secretary of the Sonic secretary) took a sabbatical from triathlon and made several achievements from completing a marathon in Nagoya, a 3 days ultra-marathon in Mongolia and 100k Ultra-trail in HK! 

Janice Lee hit the crossfit gym and transforming herself from triathlon queen to GI Jane and very soon you will see her into boxing ring.

Our founding member Eric Chan had his injury fixed and now in the rehabilitation. 

New kids on the block 'HidyBoBo' made #teamsonictriathlete a big hit on Facebook/instragram in the early season.

Marc Geddes and Paul Tam got this proper PB in the proper 70.3 distance in Bintan and Phuket respectively (after the only 77k bike in IM703TW2015)

Idy Chiu smashed all the major races.

Sacha Cheong worked very hard on his ironman and keep chasing the Kona dream, he made it to 70.3 world champ as a first step!

Eddy Poon also spent 6months in the gym and eating egg white for his bodybuilding competition!! He said he will be back.

Some Lost and Found

Ian Ngai completed another hottest 70.3 in Hawaii and then disappeared completely.

Jing made his PB in full ironman Taiwan quietly and disappeared completely...

We found Sonic veteran Simon Lau back to the game, podium on Challenge Taiwan.

We found Lydia Tsui complete her first duathlon, you've got the PB!

We found Ling Shi Qing is a promoter of being a vegetarian marathoner.

We found new member Serena Shing and congratulated her completion of first sprint distance triathlon despite the strong current in HK Sunny Bay in October, we found another new member Dominic Edmondson very strong on bike and run and well done to the debut triathlon in Phuket, also welcome to Sonic!

We also found the passion from Chris Lee who got voted in as a new committee member of HKTriA in the next 2 year! At the same time we found the new sponsor of new generation Sonic trisuit.

We found Johnson Kong is another selfie daddy while showing his dedication and improvement on the sports.

We found Maria make the difference who take Sonic run session as her fitness program! She said "When I first started running with Sonic I was struggling to run 1km. A year later with Kenneth's patience and encouragement, I'm now able to run 5km in 30minutes!"

"You alone can do it but you can't do it alone"

Triathlon is the individual sports, at the time of celebrating our PB and achievement, remember to appreciate our surroundings those could be our family, our friends our sponsors and our coaches or whosoever allow you to accomplish our goals. Within Sonic, it may not be the best year but we will make it great again in 2017! Kenneth and myself will do it, we also need your support!

In 2 weeks time we will say goodbye to 2016 and we wish all member of Sonic have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

In 2017, we will launch the next generation Sonic trisuit, and the club kits. On top of the existing training in HK Island, we will also launch adult and junior training in Kowloon. Stay tuned on our facebook feed.


Remembering Iain 'Bikeman' Dacre

At the time of writing, we heard the leaving of Bikeman.  He passed away 2 days ago at the age of 66. Bikeman was a founding member of Hong Kong Triathlon Association, he was a team manager in the early days of HK national team, some of the Sonic veteran know him from FlyingBall, he was very active in Triathlon and he was the frontier in full pink outfit before everything else. We last see him just racing in Sunny Bay last November. He was a great man and surely be missed. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family, friends and colleagues.

Bikeman in Pink, picture from Iain's facebook, taken by Danny Chan

Bikeman in Pink, picture from Iain's facebook, taken by Danny Chan

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