Sonic Time Trial 2016 Stage 1 - Shek O Sprint Triathlon

Hope to see this kind of condition!

Hi everyone we will kick off the Time Trial series this Sunday with the sprint triathlon format in Shek O!

It will be part of the training race of the season, each participant can score point from each stage, we will organize 4 Time Trial in this season, overall Top 3 men and ladies will be awarded in the Sonic End of Season Party in December! We hope to keep everyone motivate and stay in good form while the race season this year is a bit quiet.

  • Date? 19 June
  • Meeting Time? 06:30am
  • Starting Time? 07:00am
  • Format? 600m swim, 25k bike, 3.9k run
  • Categories? We have two categories: Female Open and Men Open. 
  • Member without bicycle but would like take part can do 600m swim and 3.9k run Aquathon
  • Only member of Sonic will be scored at each time trial. (see Member List on Sonic website)
  • Participation without finishing the race will earn 1 point (DNF)
  • Relay Team is welcome! More the merrier!!
  • What to do? Your full Sonic race kit and helmet mandatory
  • How to join? Simply raise your hand in our Whatsapp group OR message to Kenneth & Charles letting us know! Hope to see many of you out there this Sunday!!


This time we will start right in front of the water for a quick dive-in to begin the swim. We swim around the left most three plaforms, back to the shore for a short sand-run and then swim for another lap one more time.

Swim Course - 2 laps around 3 platforms


Bike course will be along the Shek O Road, we will start with 3k climb up to Shek O Road and ride all the way until the small round-about after the Correctional Centre then ride back and turn right up to Cape D'Aguilar round-about for 10k loop, we do it for twice before riding back to Shek O carpark. (we don't need to go up to Cape D'Aguilar in the 2nd lap)

Bike Course - 2 laps on Shek O Road (flat segment)


The run course is just simply start from Shek O carpark and run all the way along Shek O golf course to Big Wave Bay carpark and return.

Run Course - 1 lap to BWB and return

Inclement Weather Condition

Our usual condition apply:

If Typhoon Signal No.8 or above is hoisted at any time from 12:00 noon on the day before training, the brick training & transport arrangement will be cancell. If the Typhoon Signal No.3 / Amber Rainstorm/ Red Rainstorm/ Black Rainstorm/ Thunderstorm/ Landslide warning be hoisted at any time after 05:30 on brick training morning, the brick training & transport arrangement will be cancelled.

If the Typhoon Signal No.3 / Amber Rainstorm/ Red Rainstorm/ Black Rainstorm/ Thunderstorm warning be hoisted on 18:00 or after on Monday and Wednesday, weather call will be made at 18:00, training will be cancel.