New Sponsorship


First step of making Team Sonic great again.

Sonic Sports Association 'Sonic' is proudly announcing the new sponsorship by Dermodacyn and MicrocynAH. Members of Sonic will entitle product discount of Dermodacyn and MicrocynAH. With the existing sponsorship of High5 Sports Nutrition and Victory Cycling, we will also carry the brand logos on the newly designed Team Sonic Triathlon race suit and cycling apparel for the next two years. 

About Dermodacyn

Dermodacyn is the brand of skin care and wound treatment product. They are dedicated to providing safe, effective, and simple solutions to skin care and wound treatment. As we all know, most infectious organisms enter into our bodies through broken skin barriers.  Proper daily skin care and fast and effective wound healing would help reduce the chances of serious infection, hence avoiding costly and complicated medical treatment. Dermodacyn  hope that with their natural skin care and non-antibiotic antimicrobial wound healing line of products, they could reduce risks to infectious diseases and reliance on antibiotics, and improving the quality of our lives every day.

About MicrocynAH

MicrocynAH is a family of advanced animal healthcare products that are safe to use on all animals, no matter the species or age. It is formulated with the patented Microcyn® Technology, with 13 FDA (USA) and 20 CE (Europe) approvals, over 10 million creatures treated, and proven safe, stable and effective on both humans and animals. Its special formulation uses hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the active ingredient naturally produced in the body to combat infections and is a chemical signal for the body to promote wound healing. It is the ONLY animal wound treatment line of products formulated with the original Microcyn® Technology.