2013 Sonic Time Trial 3 - Shek O Triathlon

Sonic Time Trial 3 is on the way!
You can see this as a brick training;
You can see this as a race rehearsal;
You can treat this as a race!
Please extent invite to your friends.
The 3rd Time Trial of 2013 is set on 15th September in Shek O!

Members of Sonic will earn score for the series ranking!
Who is leading so far?
  1. 1st: Wong Pak To
  2. 2nd: Leung Chun Hin
  3. 3rd: Fung Yat To & Heung Chin Tung

Men Open:
  1. 1st Edwin Wong
  2. 2nd Osamu Yamagata & Sacha Cheong
  3. 3rd Lee Ying Ho
Female Open:
  1. 1st Hung Cheuk Yi
  2. 2nd Gigi Wong
  3. 3rd Evangeline Quek

This time will be the slightly longer than the previous distance, we set it as 900m swim, 27k bike and 7k run approx. 

We hope this setting strike the balance of three, there is no absolute benefit for strong swimmer, strong climber or stronger runner!

Registration: 7:30am
Briefing: 8:00am

Or email to sonicsports@gmail.com
It is the club event organized by Sonic Sports Association, all members are welcome!

Distance and Course Map:
Swim: 3 laps in Shek O Beach; Start from lifeguard tower 3,  to swim around 3 platforms, back to beach, sand run and head for 2nd and 3rd lap.
3 laps swim
Shek O car park > Tai Tam - Chai Wan roundabout > Shek O - Big Wave Bay roundabout > Tai Tam - Chai Wan roundabout > Shek O car park

2 Laps Ride
Draft legal
2 laps from Shek O to Big Wave Bay and return.
note: run around the entire BWB carpark
Finish at Shek O carpark 

There are few points to note:
  • Helmet is mandatory on the bike
  • Traffic is OPEN, you will be riding with bus, mini-bus, taxi and supercar!
  • Draft-legal
  • No water station on the run
  • Shek O carpark is still very crowd, advise to park at Big Wave Bay and ride over to Shek O, illegal parking will be ticketed from 9am.