Training Schedule in November



We are still training for Challenge Hong Kong on 25 November to close the season. We will maintain the quality of the session while delivery some new skills to the members during November and December.

If you want to maintain the consistency and structure of your training, please feel free to join our structural training plan towards to A race.

Member of Sonic are welcome to join our training, you entitle 1 free session. Then regular training fee applies.

Mon 7:30pm-9:30pm: run at HV

Wed 8pm-10pm: swim at WC

Sat 8am-10am: swim and run at Repulse

Sat 5pm-6pm: swim at SYS (learn to swim/stroke correction)

Sunday group bike and run brick confirm on WhatsApp

HV is happy valley

WC is Wan Chai Swimming pool Harbour

SYS is Sun Yet Sun pool

Saturday at either Shek O or Repulse Bay


Swim 200m in any stroke

Bike with your own bike and helmet

Run 2km non-stop

$1500 all sessions+monthly training plan

$1100 monthly training plan with 2 sessions


$1100 swim run and brick M/W/Sat/Sun

$800 swim and run (Mon & Wed)

$600 swim only (Wed & Sat)

$600 run only (Mon)

Any plan above+ $500 for monthly training plan


$400 swim only (Sat)

$200 single session

Charles HuiTraining