ITU Level 1 Triathlon Coaching


I was delighted to have ITU accepted my application to Level 1 competitive coaching course in Weihai China with the support from Hong Kong Triathlon Association. It is the goal we set for Sonic as well as my personal goal to strengthen our coaching and accreditation. This ITU coaching course become the icing on the cake after the TriHK Level 1 coaching course in the summer.

To add a little background for the tri newbies have no idea on what ITU about while they only know IRONMAN. ITU stands for International Triathlon Union as the International governing body for the sports of triathlon, to work alongside national federation around the world and International Olympic Committees board. They regulate World Series elite level races across the globe. TriHK affiliate with ITU, while Sonic is one of the affiliated club under TriHK. So you can see this family tree of triathlon.

The coaching course itself structured in two parts. Once I got accepted into the course I granted an access to ITU Education Hub that include a wide range of pre-course theory material that I need to read alongside the course, from the role and responsibilities of the coach to the fundamental knowledge of swim bike run. Anti-Doping is being emphasised as an important module to read and passed the test prior the completion of the course.

Then part two is more of practical coaching and assessments that what the 5 days on-site workshop all about.

I was very exciting flying to Weihai via Beijing for the first time, it’s more exciting when I met a few national team coaches and realized this is one of the major national team training base! The course held in the onsen resort with great quiet road I can run on, and world class 10 lanes 50m pool I can swim after the classes!

After the course, I would say ITU is more emphasis on safety and risk assessments, youth development, the quality in session delivery and analysis within the L1 framework. Besides the course, it’s also a great opportunity to make new friends, to learn from and share with difference coaches from British, Philippine, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan!

Thanks TriHK for the support and nominations, thanks Scott and Anthony as the facilitators with a lot of experience and constructive feedback over last 5 days! I will look forward for any opportunity to step up to the next level and share these experiences to other coaches.

A good coach can change the game, a great coach can change a life. - John Wooden

Charles Hui

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