2014 Sonic Time Trial Series

Hi Everyone,

You haven't heard of our time trial for a while, new members may not even know what is that!!
Now we have confirmed the schedule for 2014, we know all the races are stacking up on the calendar, we will only do three rounds! You just need to start preparing!!

28 Sept - Shek O Triathlon 600 swim/27k bike/4k run
12 Oct -  Shek O Triathlon 1k swim/27k bike/8k run
16 Nov - Tung Chung 40k Cycling

Exiting the swim in Time Trial 2013
So What is Sonic Time Trial all about?!
Sonic Time Trial is an internal race, members of Sonic can score point from each Time Trial and overall Top 3 men and ladies will be awarded in the Sonic End of Season Party in December! It's a chance for Sonic members to meet and social especially whose don't normally see in our regular training! And you can also see these Time Trial as your pre-race preparation!!
  • We have three categories: Junior, Female Open and Men Open.
  • Junior category for all male age under 20.
  • Female Open category for all female at all age.
  • Men Open category for all male at age 20 or above.
  • Only member of Sonic will be scored at each time trial. (see Member List on Sonic website)
  • Participation without finishing the race will earn 1 point (DNF)
  • Relay Team is welcome! More the merrier!!
Now, save the date, get your Sonic Trisuit prepare! 
No registration fee is required, just show up, detail route map will be posted prior the event.