2012 Sonic End of Season Time Trial - 40k Cycling

Sonic End Of Season Time Trial 24 Nov, SATURDAYIt's for someone climbing the top 3 title of Sonic Time Trial series!
It's for someone testing their brand new time trial bike, aero wheels, helmet, ceramic bearings...
It's for someone testing their bike time without tolerances the ocean swim and saving for run...
It's for someone last bike training for Phuket Tri!
This is the real butt-chasing Individual Time Trial for all members of Sonic!
This is the final stage of Sonic Time Trial series of 2012!!
*Helmet Manatory
*1 Foot down start from the Cheung Tung Rd <> Sunny Bay Rd T-junction
*Start List based on the HK ITU bike time, slowest go first, fastest go last at 1min interval.
*Uphill finish
*Roads are open to traffic
*Extra caution when doing a U-Turn at Cheung Tung Road. Do a long shoulder check for traffic coming from behind.
*no need to sign up, just show up, register Sonic members will be ranked.

This time trial is the last training race for Sonic point.
Individual Time Trial
Date: 24 November, Saturday
Arrival Time: 07:30 for warm up
Start Time: 0800
Starting Point: Cheung Tung Road, Sunny Bay Road T-junction
Suggested Car Parking:
You can park at Sunny Bay as long as you have warm up and get to the starting point before 0800.
Most of us will be arriving at 7:30am at Sunny Bay car park.

Format: Individual Time Trial (NO DRAFTING)
Course Map:
Start from Cheung Tung Rd (Sunny Bay junction) > Cheung Tung Rd (Tung Chung end)
Adult: 40k (2 x loops on Cheung Tung Road A > B > A > B > A)
Junior: 20k (1 x loop on Cheung Tung Road A > B > A)