Training arrangement this week

Hi everyone,

The team is heading to China for Sonic Training Camp from 31 March - 3 April, Easter holiday is also coming, please see below for Sonic Training arrangement:

1st April Sunday: Shek O Training as usual, lead by coach Alan Tam
2nd April Monday: OFF, coach Alan Tam not available
4th April Wednesday: special session at Deep Water Bay 8:30am - 10:30am, swim & run, gather at VRC side, all are welcome.
6th or 7th April Easter Friday & Saturday: Tung Chung - Airport group ride: Exact date to be confirmed.
8th April Sunday: Shek O Training as usual
9th April Monday: OFF

Stay tuned on Sonic Facebook page or Yahoo Mailing list in case we are arranging any causal session during the Easter Holiday.



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