Training Camp Rundown


22rd April 2011 (Fri)
1330 Arrive to Nam Oi
1400 Lunch
1600 Swim,Run Brick session (beach)
1730 Stretching session 30~45mins
1830 Dinner
2000 meeting (Run Down)
2200 Sleep
  • PS: first day training, Don’t Push too hard!
  • Focus: Brick session is a short sprint transition, make sure bring your suitable equipment (speed Shoes, race belt, cap…)
  • Other: Will try to take the video for the Brick (iPhone)

23th April 2011 (Sat)
0630 Warm up run 30mins
0730 Breakfast
0900 Bike session 2~3hrs (80k, 70k, 50k)
1300 lunch
1600 Open Water Swim 45mins
1700 Stretching session 45 hour+ Core session+ partner Stretching
1830 Dinner
2030 meeting (session detail)
2200 sleep
  • PS: Check pulse in the morning;
  • hill climb training on the bike;
  • No Wetsuit swim;
  • Focus: Bike session, try push harder when up hill!!
  • Open water swim, race practice, speed work;
  • Core session bring the towel for help your stretching;
  • Other: Middle hard session day, please concentrate the up/down hill skill and the Body Position

24th April 2011 (Sun)
0630 Warm up run 30mins
0730 Breakfast
0900 Brick Session (Open water swim, Bike, Run) Bring all of your race Kits! e.g.Race Belt
1200 lunch
1530 Run+Dryland session+ Stretching
1800 Down Town for dinner
2100 back to hotel
2130 meeting (Discuss)
2300 Sleep
  • PS: Race Practice for the Brick session,
  • Focus: Quick transition in the brick,
  • Other: Hard session for the brick session.

25th April 2011 (Mon)

0630 30mins easy run (Optional)
0700 Breakfast
0800 Long bike (100K,70K,60K)+30mins Run
1330 lunch
1500 Back to Hong Kong from Nam Oi Hotel
  • PS: Morning Run Optional;
  • Focus: Try to keep same speed in the bike session
  • Other: Keep refuel on the bike

  • Check and record your rest pulse each morning;
  • Don’t forgot bring your suitable equipment! E.g. Racing speed shoes, strong shoes, race belt;
  • Bike parts should be ready. E.g. all bike tools, Tries…!
  • Ready your sports refuel. E.g gel, energy food, sports drink…!
  • Heart rate Monitor;
  • Prepare your checklist;
  • Don’t forgot buy the insurance for the training camp!
  • Training schedule could be adjusted based on actual terrain, fitness of everybody!