Training Camp Checklist

Welcome to the Nan Ao training camp!

Itinerary will be updated on

Gathering time: this Friday 0930am at Wan Chai Pier bus terminus (outside Starbuck)

  • Your valid visa, entry card to China
  • RMB dollar for all lunch & dinner
  • Sonic do not cover any insurance regarding this training camp, you are strongly advice that you should cover your own travel insurance.
  • Bike storage in bus: remove both wheels and put under the coach storage, bike box is no need but some protective foams is recommended for your bike
  • Nan Ao weather forecast: north east of HK, 20C-25C (HINTS: wind chill factor, light rain or/and sunny period)
  • Always with light jacket
  • Bike cleaning kits (in case of shower)

  • running shoes, cap (rain or shine)
  • bike shoes and helmet
  • 2 to 3 extra inner tyre (I had two tyre puncture last year)
  • electric tape (in case outer tyre puncture)
  • bicycle hand pump (coach will bring floor pump)
  • 4 set of cycling jersey, cycling short
  • 4 set of running clothes
  • cycling vest or windbreaker, arm warmer (temp. expected to be ~22C, will be raining)
  • oil/luct for bicycle gear/chain (for clean up the bike after rain)
  • mini first-aid kit
  • cycling sunglasses (dark/clear lens)
  • front and rear light for cycling
  • cream for cycling plants

Nutrition (sorry, cannot get sponsor this year...)
  • nutrition supplement (energy bar, gels, snack, chocolate our long ride last for 3-4 hours! HINTS: 1 gel/bar per hour)
  • energy drink powder (HINTS: 500ml energy drink during training, another 500ml energy drink after session)
  • Radiation kits (nearby Nuclear plant)

Room allocation
Room 1: Kenneth, Ren Ho
Room 2: Kenji, Rockson
Room 3: Winnie, Janice
Room 4: Charles, Gigi
Room 5: Evangeline, Adylen
Room 6: Rita, Pearl
Room 7: Edwin Wong, Andrew Patrick
Room 8: Teresa, George
Room 9: Christina, T Wong