April 2011

Hi Everyone,

Weather gradually getting warm, you should start feeling strong if you've been training consistently along these few months , or you should feel like it's a time a go back to Sonic training as it's not too far to the summer. Race season is also beginning!

Aquathon 1
Tri-HK race season kicked off by the Kowloon Tsai Aquathon where the good swimmer can show off their flip turn while everybody cheer up from the pool desk! Great super sunny day and lot of medalist from Sonic!! Frederic won his first medal in his life time given by strong fields of friends support, Italian sausages and good wine...!

Well done to all podium finishers!!!
Stephenie (AG 30-39 2nd runners up) and Ivan (AG 30-34 5th)
Sebastien (AG 30-34 4th and 1st runners up on short course)
Frederic (AG 35-39 6th)
Yeung Yam Ho (AG 40-44 1st runners up)
Eric Chan (AG 45-49 5th)
Lee YingHo (AG 45-49 6th)
Ivan Lo (Male Elite Open Champion)
Michal Bucek (Double Champion on long and short course)
Tam Sze Lun (AG 45-49 1st runners up)
Michael Lam (Male Youth Open Champion)

Tribal Enduranro Aquathon
Run swim run swim and do it all over again....what a new format bring in to local races series by Tribal! We have good number of Sonic tried it and love it! Congratulating medal finishers Ian Brownlee, Andy Patrick and our first time medalist Christina Lee!!!

TriMag Asia launch
The first local published Triathlon Magazine 'TriMag Asia' will be launched in April, the magazine is published by a group of local triathletes and the articles will cover all triathlon surrounding in Asia! We will share with everyone during the training once we got the first release!

Trisports.HK expansion

Trisports.HK is now relocated to Wan Chai and expended to 3000sq feet shop that we are looking forwards for more possibility happen in their space! Check out their Facebook page news feed and the attached flyer.

Sonic Training Camp
Our training camp is on the main menu in April, we are all training up and condition ourselves for this 4D3N triathlon camp in Nan Ao during the Easter holiday!
Let's see what will be in the goodies bag of Mama Rita?

May Bank of China Age Group Triathlon
Sign up now at triathlon.com.hk for the Bank of China age group triathlon! Multi sports events are so overwhelming in HK, even duathlon and aquathon filled up very quickly!
This race is Sonic mid year target race, make sure your Sonic trisuit is ready!
OD: 1.5k/40k/10k
Sprint: 750/20/5

Tri-HK Aquathon 2 and Sprint Triathlon
Two races in June by Tri-HK also start accepting entry on triathlon.com.hk!
20 May: Aquathon 2 at Golden Beach Tuen Mun
12 Jun: Sprint Triathlon at Shatin Science Park

Ironman Chjna
Our coach Kenneth, Andy, Sebastien, Tim, Billy, Jeanette are all training hard for the Ironman China full/70.3! No surprise to see them in Cheung Tung road!

Ironman 70.3 Taiwan
The race early bird entry is open now!
Sonic will be returning to Kenting for this race, we are all gonna have another fruitful summer to train for that Shek O alike swim, sunny and windy bike and run course!

Laguna Phuket Triathlon
Laguna Phuket Triathlon Unconditional Entry Slots Have Sold Out, But Entry Slots With Accommodation Are Available: means you can still sign up the race with the accommodation booked in Laguna resorts! So far I hear some Sonic already signed up e.g. Tim, Susana, Evangeline, Adelyn, SuMei, Michal, Gabriel, Andy, Ren, Gigi and Charles....it's the end of the season and we all gonna train hard for the post race party and international Sonic re-union!

Check out http://www.lagunaphukettriathlon.com/ or TriSports.HK

New Club discount by AquaDiva Hong Kong
New swimsuit brand from Australia 'AquaDiva' (mostly for ladies) landed in HK and members of Sonic are now entitled for group discounted at 20% off. Visit the Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/aquadivahk
Contact: HK Distributor at aquadivahk@gmail.com

Keep in touch Stoffel family...
Up to this line, we heard from Sebastien that he and his family will leave HK and relocate to New York for good.
Sebastien is a Sonic-grown triathlete and he is one of the very keen member of Team Sonic!
We all will miss Sebastien, Pascale, their two lovely daughters Innes & Claire and the little boy Antoine.

We will host a farewell party at 5th June, after training in Shek O for Stoffel family.

Upcoming Races
Be selective! Avoid getting tired of racing before end of the season, stay injury free and motivation is the key!

22 Apr: Sonic Training Camp
02 May: Sonic Time Trial 1 (sprint)
08 May: TriHK Age Group Triathlon (Plover Cove)
15 May: Tribal Enduro Aquathon 2 (Repulse Bay)
22 May: Bintan Triathlon
22 May: TriHK Aquathon 2 (Discovery Bay)
29 May: Ironman 70.3 China
05 Jun: South Bay Summer Ocean Swim
12 Jun: TriHK Age Group Triathlon (Chong San Road, Shatin)
01 Jul: Sonic Time Trial 2 (Shek O Aquathon)
03 Jul: Deep Water Bay Ocean Swim
10 Jul: TriHK Aquathon 3 (Repulse Bay)
07 Aug: TriHK Aquathon 4 (Plover Cove)
14 Aug: Ironman 70.3 Philippines
14 Aug: Bay 2 Bay Summer Ocean Swim
28 Aug: Double Triathlon (TBC)
04 Sep: Sonic Time Trial 3 (sprint)
11 Sep: Splash n Dash Aquathon 1
09 Oct: Splash n Dash Aquathon 2
05 Nov: Ironman 70.3 Taiwan
06 Nov: TriHK Aquathon 5 (South Bay)
13 Nov: Splash n Dash Aquathon 3
20 Nov: Sonic Time Trial 4 (40k bike)
27 Nov: Laguna Phuket Triathlon
04 Dec: Ironman Phuket 70.3
TBC: TriHK HK ITU Triathlon