Looking back 2013 and 2014 Outlook

Long overdue Club NEWS since May 2013!

Many of us, including myself, expect the year of 2013, as a 10th year of Sonic, would be really big and would have a lot to happen....as 2013 filed history, now you know, in reality, too good to be true,

many of the core members are running into the prime ages and start bearing more responsibility at life and in career. We didn't made too much noise last year, by the time of writing this recap, let's find out the achievement of all of us!

The Kits!

We have refreshed two items in our club kit wardrobe, the 4


 generation Sonic Trisuit launched in September and the 10


Anniversary T-shirt also brought to us by new supplier O2Creations, the new color scheme gives a new look & feel for Team Sonic in the race, our members also generally appreciate the fast material and comfort of the cutting, however the heat pressing issue takes some time to address.

Sonic 10th T-shirt, nicely done!

Sonic Trisuit 4G

Race Recap

This section is not going to be long. 2013 is not about the race.

Nonetheless, we can't neglect the hard work of some Sonic members they did trained really hard and achieved the result!

Without a doubt, our new members Colin Hannah debut at the Hong Kong Aquathon series and won decent trophies and prize money in the pocket! Colin relocated from Sydney to Hong Kong in January 2013. We are looking forwards when Mr. Hannah would get a proper bike to race the triathlon instead of his skateboard.

Colin at Splash n Dash

On 8th September, Sacha finished the Ironman Wales after 6 months of his dedication at training, Ironman Wales is definitely not the easiest one, the weather is definitely not nice, but he made it to the finish line as a first time in 13hrs08mins! Well done and well deserve smile at the finish line photos! First time became the last time? He already signed up the next one - Challenge Taiwan Full iron distance in April 2014!

Sacha Cheong's best finisher photo

Juan Delgado is the training partner of our famous Sacha and Andy Patrick, this busy business traveler and a daddy of two squeezed time on training despite his tight travel schedule and finished the Ironman 70.3 Exmoor in June!

Juan Delgado at Ironman 70.3 Exmoor

How are you doing?

2013 may not be the active race season for Sonic but our members are all very productive to start the new chapter! Let’s start by the date!

We did cover the wedding of Ren Ho and Su-Ching Teh in the last Club NEWS in May, since then:

Congratulation to Dave tie the knot with Su-Mei Teh on 13rd July in Singapore, after both of them completing the Ironman Philippine 70.3 in 2012, their wedding was organized in 2013, some of the closed Sonic friends were invited and it was the gorgeous wedding. Su-Mei is one of the Sonic girl who trained very hard as well as party during the time she worked in Hong Kong from 2006 – 2011. The newlyweds is now settle in Singapore.

Charles, Dave and Su-Mei, Gigi, Frederic in the wedding banquet

Congratulation to our Simon Jones aka Dr Jones married with Karen 

on 18


 August in Liverpool. Dr Jones is one of the classic ‘land animal’ in Sonic who is very strong on bike and run just not to mention the swim. If everyone remember, he raised the ‘stag-do’ challenge, setting the goal to lose 14 pounds, run 10k in 38mins, and finish an OD triathlon in 2hr31mins, as well as having a six pack (which then strike-through)….which is 75% achieved and we all seeing him got fitter and faster this year! And he is actively anticipating the Sonic training with all his busy work schedule and DJ-ing for some open water swim events.

International DJ Dr Jones in HK Beach Game

Simon and Karen

Four new triathletes to be developed!

Congratulation on the first arrival of new baby girl Elodie from Merz family, Rosemary gave birth on 19 September in Hong Kong, Oliver and Rosemary keep training with us until 2 months to the delivery date, Oliver also recently help to make the Sonic promotional video during our 3


 Time Trial in Shek O.

Rosemary with Elodie

In October, former member of Sonic, Edwin Chiam also got promoted as a daddy since the arrival of baby girl Celeste on 24th October. Edwin was a very active member in Sonic during 2006 - 2009. He referred quite a few Singaporean members to Sonic and once volunteer in organizing trip to Singapore Ironman 2007 and Phuket Triathlon 2009. He is still actively participating triathlon race in Hong Kong and Asia.     

Two weeks later, another congratulation note goes to the first arrival of new baby boy Liam from Yeung’s family, Stephanie gave birth on 13 November in Hong Kong. New daddy Ivan is the first generation Sonic member since 2005, while Stephanie Bina joint Sonic 2007 and met Ivan, both of them are top rank age-group finishers and the new baby boy is going to be very active!

Stephanie, Liam and Ivan

If you are the keen Shek O goers you know who is Thomas Bord, this young french man who did Ironman New York in 12hrs, he just recently has another upgrade as a father of young baby boy

Maxime Kaito.

May the new born baby brings a happiness to the world and special joy to Merz's, Chiam's, Yeung’s and Bord's family!!

Looking forwards 2014

In 2014, we will are bringing in running visor from Headsweats to our club kits wardrobe, everyone should know this is the best visor in the market and always the merchandise selected by Ironman events. We will make it as one of the free give-away item for the first 100 members of Sonic in 2014.

Online membership registration

, we are also aligning with TriHK to move the membership registration online, we will adjust the annual membership fee in order to absorb the admin fee we have to pay to the online platform. Meanwhile, we could be benefited by the systems and make everyone life easier to be the member of Sonic without pen & paper, ATM transfer etc…also help to reduce the workload from the Club Secretary so we could all focus at our sports. All in all, we hope the systems could simplify the membership process, taking the chance of the discount offer by TriHK, we expect to see more members of Sonic in 2014.

In terms of

new race venue

, we have seen some new attempts by difference organizers in 2013. Our governing body TriHK organized the Aquathon in Siu Sai Wan where near the Lei Yue Mun Gap, we did the race and experience the first scene of swimming nearby the harbour with fast current!

Aquawiz also brought in another new idea in Aquathon format which features the platoon start, longer in distance, better placement of buoy…etc…We fully supported their event and qualified for the entry of the New World Triathlon in TST in December. This is a brand new attempt in the history of triathlon in Hong Kong, they showcase the spirit of triathlon that make impossible to become possible. Eventually the race was set in the super best weather that made up the truly spectacular race photos for everyone, Sonic are all happy to swim in the Victoria Harbor, riding in the busy TST urban while the people in mini-bus and buses are all watching us, running towards the finish line and seeing the harbor, Central, and landscape are truly amazing. We all made the history of triathlon in Hong Kong.

With the opening of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, it would potentially be another new venue of duathlon or even a triathlon race! Let’s wait and see!

Before the start of the first urban triathlon in HK

Photos by Sonic Photographer - Ryan Tan

Target race of 2014

Back to Sonic, 12 of us already signed up the Challenge Taiwan Half/Full iron distance triathlon that will happen in the Easter Saturday. Starting from January we will all resume the structural training, and insert all the local duathlon races as part of the training.

Meanwhile, we keep searching for any interesting race opportunities for the 2


half year, maybe Beijing Triathlon in September or even back to Phuket?

Our Coach Kenneth will keep leading and coaching our training on top of his responsibility as a triathlon coach of Hong Kong National Team.

I, myself will keep serving everyone as a Club Secretary, on top of my workload from the daytime job. I would also welcome if anyone would like to share some of the tasks such as organizing club kits order or Time Trial events.

We still hope to organize an oversea training camp in Phuket in March, we need an volunteer to help sorting out the logistics.

We also need to inject a few more ideas into our time trial, from the format to the scoring systems, let me know if you have anything in your mind!

At last, we hope everyone have a great start of 2014! Happy New Year!