Membership Renewal 2019


Happy New Year! 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and ready for the fitter and stronger year of 2018.

It's time of the year to renew the membership of Sonic Sports Associations aka #teamsonictriathlete for the year of 2018, it's the 15th years of Sonic since we established in 2003.  

We'd like to take this opportunity to remind your membership with the Sonic Sports Association expired last month.

Sonic will continue to run year round triathlon training program and will actively participate in local and international triathlon races.

Renewing your membership is easy, simply go to online form

The annual membership rate is standardised across Junior/Student and Adult at HK$250. Membership fee covers discounted membership with TriHK (Hong Kong Triathlon Association) , 3rd parties liabilities insurance at our training sessions, 15th Anniversary team T-shirt and entitle discount from Dermodacyn product, HIGH5 group order, VictoryCycling and RIDES bike fitting services.

Membership fee will be waived from member of National Team Triathletes, TriHK committees, registered swimming and triathlon coaches. Please obtain discount code from Charles Hui.  

If there is anything we can help on membership registration, please contact Club Secretary Charles Hui at 96633012 or

We look forward to see you at our training or events soon. 

Charles HuiMembership