Introducing Sonic Shortsleeve Trisuit by CUORE


We are happy to announce the new supplier by CUORE from Switzerland, this shortsleeve Trisuit will enable you to stand out from the race, easy to spotted by camera and provide better skin protection to our member doing long course races. This is in speedsuit style with zipper on the front, with tri-padding.

How to order? We are gathering the first batch of order by 1st of March. Please contact Charles Hui directly by 96633012 or
Otherwise, you can also order from Sonic membership page with your email, and paid by credit card.

How much? 
$1600 for the member of Sonic
$1400 for the member of Sonic joining Feb/Mar training

First batch of order will be expected to arrive on mid-April.

Cuore Sonic Shortsleeve Trisuit.jpeg
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