Training Plan for IRONMAN 70.3 Shanghai

With the success of pilot training plan in the preparation of IRONMAN 70.3 Vietnam. We will roll out the personal training plan only  for the member of Sonic who signed up  Shanghai 70.3, The training plan will be tailored on top of the existing Sonic regular training session, a small extra fee will be applied to top up the monthly training plan that included analysis, review and consultation.

What if I am not training for any IRONMAN 70.3? Will I be neglected?

We will maintain the same level of attention to all members during our regular sessions. And the training fee remains the same. The training plan means to provide guidance and advise to members for race preparation in more holistic and structural approach. 

What is the fee if I want to join the training plan?

It will be additional $500 on top of the existing monthly training fee structure. 

Meanwhile it could also be $1500 per month cover all coached session. Or $1100 per month including two coached session if your schedule couldn’t match with our sessions while having a flexibility to follow the plan and allowing us to monitor your form in person. 

What is training plan all about? 

A good training plan will help you to setup the training schedule around your daily life, progressively build up the endurance and intensity towards the target race. We will also to monitor your progress and review it regularly and adjust according to the need. We will also advise and insert some small goals alongside the training sessions. All in all it’s the communication between the coach and members to drive the success. 

I want to join the training plan, how should I sign up?

  1. We will be using TrainingPeaks as the platform to deploy training plan to your calendar. You can first of all register an basic athlete account on which is free. 
  2. Login to your TrainingPeaks desktop URL and go to setting, add the email address of the coach from Coach section.  
    • you can choose to be managed by coach Charles or coach David while we work together towards the common goals. If you have no preference we will assign one coach to work with you.
  3. Once the coach accept your request, please fill in and send us the questionnaire to capture your information and understanding your goal. 
  4. The communication will kick off and the coach will start deploying the training session to your TrainingPeaks calendar.
  5. You can setup your TrainingPeaks and Garmin sync, then once you sync your training, the data will instantly available on TrainingPeaks for the coach as well. 

What if I want to stop the plan?

Please inform your coach and you can disconnect the coach from TrainingPeaks, two ways communication is the most important element in personal training.

What is the duration of the program?

The training plan for Shanghai 70.3 will run from early June to end of October. 

Monthly fee

$1500 all sessions+monthly training plan

$1100 monthly training plan with 2 sessions


$1100 swim run and brick M/W/Sat//Sun

$800 swim and run (Mon & Wed)

$600 swim only (Wed & Sat)

$600 run only (Mon)

Any plan above + $500 for monthly training plan

$400 swim only (Sat)

$200 single session