2017 Sonic Ranking in TriHK



Love it and hate it on chasing the ranking in TriHK! Our governing body in Hong Kong that we affiliate to. 

In case you are new to the game, each of the athlete score point from each race organized by TriHK, last one got 1, second last got 2 at each age group, the point will also link to the Tri Club that register under TriHK. Very similar to the IRONMAN ranking. The objective was to encourage people to take part in TriHK races. TriHK also award the top 3 athletes in overall series at each age-group (the best 2 eligible race categories count with multiplier factor...study TriHK link above).

Congratulations to the following members for winning top 3 in TriHK races in year 2017! To do well at local short-distance race, you have to train very hard as well!! Your award will be presented at TriHK Awards luncheon.

Alfred Siu AQ series 2nd in M30-34

Lau Pik Sum AQ series 3rd in female junior

Chris Kwan AQ series 1st in male junior

Chris Kwan Tri series 2nd in male junior

Thomas Hardcastle Tri series 1st in M45-59

In terms of Tri Club ranking within TriHK, well, we used to be top 3, then top 5, and now 9th. We need to work harder in 2018 to take it back!

Reinforcement, we would strongly encourage our members to race two Aquathon, two Duathlon and two Triathlon by TriHK in order to get ourselves back to the ranking board!! Hooyah!!

To add more transparency on the pointing system , on top of the race participation, the following criteria also counts: 

  • number of members register in TriHK
  • number of coaches register in TriHK
  • number of training organized
  • number of athletes in regional/national squard  
  • coaches participation 
  • athletes participation


Charles Hui