Team Time Trial - Hong Kong Cyclothon


In Hong Kong Cyclothon today, we sent a team to race the Team Time Trial! Our first ever Team Time Trial since Sonic was found! It’s not always a thing in triathlon, especially in Ironman triathlon that drafting is illegal. But it’s a great chance for everyone to get together, understand more in cycling, race together as a team with a common goal!

And today we made it! Team of 7, first time ever for all of us. We overcame the challenge to transform our Triathlon style into a cycling team, with the goal of finishing together! It was the great demonstration of team work, with 100% hard work, compromise and contribution, our teamwork wins! 

We had a faulty start because we were super exciting as the first team on the start line and seeing all the camera and the clearance of the runway! But we caught a great deal of media attention!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone doing their part, we couldn’t made it with the you! 

Chris Lee from Dermodacyn for the initiative and the funding for the event! He was running around the event also scarifies his slot for the team of 6!

Serena Shing for volunteering from driving the team car during our practice, running around to make sure we all set, engaging bike mechanic to resolve last minute UCI restriction issue on some of our bikes, and bring all the trainers for our warm up! 

Dom Edmondson as a power house to lead pace and scarify his speed for the rest! 

Johnson Kong for his dedication on all the practice and the hard work even though he is not in 100% fitness, same goes to Jing Banaag for his post Ironman fitness.

Adrian Lee for his hard work and improvement through the practice, and Brandon Li for their hard work and dedication as a new joiner to the team!

What a great Sunday! We hope this game never ends!