Beginner Triathlon Training - Shek O

Sunday morning 7:30am-10:30am

- open water swim skill

- transition skill

- cycling skill

- swim-run brick, swim bike run brick

Training Fee: 

  • Covered by regular training fee (6mths, 2mths, 1mths, 10 days)
  • Swim Pass and Run Pass can pay $200 per month to top up.

Lovely Day

Rough Day...

FAQ by the rookies...

Why Shek O?! 

This is the beach we can swim far amount of distance connect with quiet road to practice cycling and running altogether! And famous Lulu Cafe to hangout post training!

Beautiful beach, quiet road, the best training venue for triathlon in Hong Kong! The swim could be beautiful also challenging!!

Why so early?!

More sunny the weather, more people rush to the beach, you wouldn't like to train with the traffic of beach goers or someone doing snorkeling...

How to get there?

  • By car, free car park available and it will be filled up by 7am, alternative parking at Big Wave Bay.
  • Bus no.9 from Shau Kei Wan - 30mins
  • Call and share a van - book 2 days in advanced.
  • By bike 

Can I join?

If you can swim 200m and run 3k, you are welcome to start with!

How to join?

Contact or call Kenneth Yip at 93186085 or Charles Hui at 96633012.