TriHK Membership with Affiliated Club

New Membership scheme from TriHK that benefit to the members of affiliated club.
We have been struggling for a few years to attract new members since some of them do not find any concrete benefit of being a member of affiliated club when they compared with the individual membership of Tri-HK. Especially to those self-trained triathlete, they were paying the same amount of annual registration fee and also the same race entry fee...AND they have to pay extra registration to the club if they would like to associate with, that doesn't sound attractive from the expense aspect.
As a result, it also gave room to the non-affiliated company or the training group grow in the recent years since they do organize training as people do race as individual members.

Finally our association is doing something solid and encouraging for the affiliated club.
The membership scheme is targeting on the member's expense aspect. Start from 2014, all affiliated club members enjoy discount in registration fee AND also cheaper offer to race entries fee that organized by Tri-HK!

Good news to Sonic and good news to our members.
At the same time, Sonic would adjust the annual membership fee so we could maintain the quality of our free mechanize to our members as well as the surplus. (It had been frozen for the past 6 years)
Adult annual membership will be $250;
Student or Junior membership will be $150.
Member of Sonic in 2014 will entitle either a Sonic 10th T-shirt or a Visor.

I am working with to activate the online membership systems for Sonic where all members can register online and pay by credit card. Links will be released once available, please start register your Tri-HK membership first and do not forget to affiliated with Sonic Sports Association!!

We welcome all old Sonic and new Sonic to remain affiliated with Sonic!