Report from Kenneth

Thanks for everyone came to our training camp! Hope can help you some and more improve! Everyone have a great performance in this camp! First!
-Charles,Thank you so much you help us a lot always!  Ready all in this every training camp! Sorry about I give you so many stress!
-Kenji, Thanks for you to take care of everyone! Especially on the last bike session! You help Janice and George when they going up and down hill! And brought us to ride a good place! Help us how to maintain the bike! So lucky is he can change better after one day and you  can keep coaching us!
-Rockson,Thanks for help us to follow up our date, and handle the bike,brick session, Especially the core and stretching session! All of time very helpful to take care all in the training camp! Hope your leg feel ok afternoon run!
-Gi Gi Chan, I can see you push very hard every session, brick! So hard, Swim a bit scared, but still keep do the long distance swim! Bike, hope can go through your mine how to keep easy to go down the hill!
-Andrew Practick, you are so strong on the bike, finally! Your 18 yrs old bike broken in this camp and you can change another bike finally! Also in the Brick session! He made me feel die!
-T T Wong, you had improve a lot in the brick session! Also on the bike, You can "fly up" on the bike now! Also you knew how to clean your bike, that why you should faster now!
-Chirs Lee, good swim in the sea! You can swim straight forward, change faster and stable! On the bike, try to keep relax you upper body, it should be more helpful to improve!
-Teresa Mak, your bike skill and speed improve a lot! In the brick session, I never see you like that fast and concentrate  ! I like it! Also, you can take care by yourself even George not on your side! Hehehe
-George Lee, on the swim already can see you more stable, but need more come to training in Shek O! If you can improve your swim! You should be very fast! Hope you enjoy the last bike session!
- Winnie, big improve on the bike, you can understand how to use the gears and how to do U turn easier on the bike! Try to keep training, you should ok to follow all persons in the next training! You will be feel more fun and enjoyable! On the swim, also keep training la! Rockson can help you alot! Don't always say Sorry, Slow is not a problem! Everybody should  go through it! Don't give up!
-Rita Koo, you can do the single hand now, take the bottle, your next target is how to keep single hand to turn around! Long time no training before, that why the bike skill get lost! Don't worry! Back to training everything will be ok! Don't forget take your bike to the shop, checking or maybe buy a new one! hehe
-Evangeline, bike improve alot! Easy to climb up on bike after T1, up hill faster, Also stable when you down hill! Push very hard in the brick session! I think maybe your bike a bit small for you! You should check it ok? Also do more core session la!
-Ldelyn, very very strong on the bike! So lucky is I can help you before the training in Tung Chung long bike session, that why I can see your performance in this training camp! If you change your bike, I think you can fly! Also do more speed run to let your legs can make stronger! You should change your long legs to high frequency mode! Don't waste your legs! Swim need more training! Transition should be more practice,  faster change!
-Pearl, all strong, you can try to thinking about how to adjust in the training or race, when you keep maintain, harder/easier, for the last, how to keep hard your core to speed up! On the bike, try change one hard gear to go up hill! It should be suitable!
-Janice, hope you feel better! After holiday and straight  came to the camp, it should be hard for you! But still can do your best in all session! Push very hard in the last bike session, maybe need improve the bike skill, it can help you keep saver on the bike! "I know you feel so tried already"!push very hard in the brick session! Hope you can do more well in your next race!

PS: I am so happy about all members enjoyed this training camp! Hope I can improve a lot too! Even in coaching skill or in my sports life! Also hope everyone can understand my "Hong Kong English!" many thanks for everyone!